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Add art to the surface

and create meaningful connections

Add art to the surface

and create meaningful connections

Unique prints and patterns

The secret ingredient for your brand

Art created with love

Art is a visual language that resonates with the audience on a deeper level. My goal is to help you evoke emotions of love, serenity, and enchantment through art. Let’s use the powers of art and make your products and your brand even more:


Create an unforgettable experience for your customers by injecting love, care and creativity into your products.

Stand out

In a world saturated with stock photos, clip art and mass-produced goods, attract people seeking more meaningful and authentic moments.


It’s not about following the latest trends, but about creating things that will stay relevant and beautiful for years to come.

Bring your vision to life with these options

Art for products

Illustrated image of an artist palette

Custom art

Tailored for you! Together, we’ll create personalized artwork that captures your brand essence and connects deeply with your audience. Let’s find a creative and beautiful solution together.

Individual approach

Something uniquely yours

Illustrated image of portfolio sheets with patterns and illustrations

Art licensing

Choose from a wide range of existing patterns and illustrations. Find what aligns with your brand values. Benefit from:

Prompt accessibility

Diverse selection

Customization options

How can I help

Personalized creative support

Clarifying your artistic needs so I can meet your vision effectively.

Guidance throughout the entire creative process: from ideas, research, and sketching to delivering the final print-ready design.

Finding the right color palette that aligns with your desired aesthetic.

Creating patterns and spot illustrations for your products or brand.

Designing pattern collections with main and secondary prints.

Creating cohesive collections of spot illustrations for your brand or products.

Intricate and visually captivating designs, including complex repeats, half-drops, half-bricks, multidirectional patterns, layered designs, and more.

Creating a professional seamless pattern repeat from your motives.

Color variations and adaptations of my designs.

Have a look

Surface design portfolio

Christmas surface pattern design with peacock feathers
Christmas surface pattern design with all Santa Claus's reindeer
Christmas surface pattern design with vintage, kitsch baubles
Enchanting surface pattern design inspired by nature, forests and mosses
Halloween surface pattern design with black magic school motives
Halloween surface pattern design with magical animals
Magical celestial surface pattern design with fireflies
Floral surface pattern design