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Illustrations and patterns with a touch of magic

To beautify your products so they stand out from the crowd.

Illustrations and patterns with a touch of magic

To beautify your products so they stand out from the crowd.

Illustration & Surface Design

My art is here for you

Like a warm and friendly hug

Are you looking for beautiful, enchanting, and dreamy artwork to add to your next creative project?

Do you love surrounding yourself with things that speak directly to your heart?

Do you adore magical and pleasing imagery that inspires your imagination?

Do you care for an environmentally friendly and sustainable way of living in which creativity overcome consumption?

Do you believe that beauty goes beyond trends?

Then you’ve come to the right place! It is my joy to create charming designs that make people feel happy. Let’s beautify things together.

Creative Services

What would you like to find?

Illustrated image of a painting hand creating art

Enchanting art for your brand

The right art is like a magical ingredient that helps to tell a story and to evoke a feeling.

Illustrated image of a fabric stash

Fabric stash of your dreams

Your next sewing project is sure to be unique with these one-of-a-kind fabric prints.

Portrait of the surface designer and illustrator Markéta Stengl

Hi, I’m Markéta

I help brands, makers and creative souls like you make your products and projects memorable with art and patterns.

dream Vission

Let’s imagine that all the things in our everyday lives are made with love and care. They radiate back into the world all the positive energy that went into creating them. This is what I wish for.

creative journey

I help you make your creative ideas a reality. Through my art, I help beautify things and make the world around us a bit more pleasing.

Surface design portfolio

Illustrations and patterns

For even more ideas and available pieces of artwork, dive into my complete password-protected catalog.


Kind words from happy customers

“I must say that your drawings are always very original and funny. I love the combination of colors you use, which I personally find very delicate. Your illustrations are brilliant and magical. One can sense your enormous talent and desire to create. When I propose a fabric with your designs to my clients they are absolutely thrilled. Very often before doing a project, especially for laptop cases, I first showed the design and I must say that very good reviews came in return. I like to produce simple items such as laptop cases, pouches, fanny packs, and bags, which with the beautiful fabric designs come to life and become charming and unique.”

Jura Hubert

Find the right art for your next project

Tell me what you need and let’s see what we can do.