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Beautifying the everyday

AND BRINGING LIFE TO EACH CREATION With a unique and personal touch.

Beautifying the everyday

AND BRINGING LIFE TO EACH CREATION With a unique and personal touch.

Fabric and surface pattern designer at your service

The hidden energy inside of everyday objects

Hi, my name is Markéta

I create charming patterns and illustrations. My artwork helps you make your project or product more memorable, lovable, and visually stunning. I believe that decorating everyday objects allows them to carry personality and an inner fire. As a result, they are able to speak straight to people’s hearts.

Do you want to bring something meaningful to this world, something both beautiful and practical, something that is truly authentic?

That is wonderful. I want to do the same. Let’s work on it together! I will help you find the “magical ingredient”.

Here you get unique art tailored to your needs, or choose from an ever-growing gallery of patterns and illustrations created with love and passion. You get art that represents you, tells your story and has the power to inspire others.

My story – Part 1

The inner garden

Illustration of a blooming meadow and a tree

Seeds in

As far as I can remember, I was encouraged to draw and paint by my parents. I had access to watercolors, crayons, and craft supplies. I painted a lot and with passion as a child.

There was no judgement, the garden was playful and beautiful.

Weed out

But soon I began to notice well-meant remarks about my drawings, I met the fear of not pleasing others, this fear tried to take the pleasure of creating away from me. Later, while studying fiber arts, I explored many art techniques. But at a school full of art authorities who knew “better,” my fear of negative judgment grew exponentially. Over and over, people tried to impose their subjective feeling of beauty on me as the general truth, which restricted my creativity. I suffered under the well-known “less is more” principle. I didn’t dare to create something playful or romantic. Finally, I allowed my fear to win. I stopped listening to my heart and stopped creating.

The garden was empty, no plants there, only a plowed land. I closed the door.

Illustration of cold and empty landscape
Illustration of a fruitful landscape


Left to itself, the plants started to grow again and got stronger. I rediscovered the garden and started to water it.  

I started to draw again and make patterns. The first makers bought fabrics with my designs and showed me their creations. The first brands began collaborating with me and using my art for fabrics and products. Since then, I’ve been honing my art skills, creating patterns and illustrations. I enjoy every time someone chooses a design of mine and shares their sewing project or a product with me. They are helping me water my garden and I am watering theirs. 

And we don’t let the the root cutters in!

More content coming soon! Stay tuned for updates. I can’t wait to share it with you in the near future.